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Cheers to Makeovers

Bethanie Garcia

So, a few days ago, I chopped all my hair off on a whim. It was so awesomely mermaid-y, but I think the heat finally got to me... that, and little baby boy's tight grip on my hair every time I held him... I wasn't as sad as I thought I would be though! I get to donate an awesome amount of hair to Locks of Love, and getting this drastic haircut felt like it meant something exciting.. like new beginnings, like a new chapter in my life was about to unfold... or something? I know, pretty dramatic. ANYWAYS.

Today this little corner of internet-land got a makeover too! I completely cleared out the old inventory we had about a week ago, and today I started the beginning of the "Designer Daddy Shop". Luckily I had this guy to keep me company, because it was a loooong day.

When we first started Little Bright Dress, we had this idea that we would start a children's clothing boutique. It seems silly that we didn't start selling these awesome dress up clothes right away, but we had just moved from Utah to CA, and over there, my husband was doing lots of avant garde, couture clothing and fashion shows. (check it on IG @nephigarciaofficial) When we came here, we had no idea that deciding to buy Disneyland passes, and dressing up our daughter was going to turn into this big thing... But it has! It's now officially a thing! And now that's where our full-time income is coming from, so it just seemed obvious that the casual kids clothing boutique was kind of pointless, and I should just be promoting and selling more of what people actually wanted to see! Designer Daddy! So I hope you enjoy, and I'll probably just be using this blog to document our every day life. (which don't worry, we'll still be the Garcias on Holiday 365, because we are always looking for ways to have fun every day!) In fact, I think I'll go join the kids and the hubby for our movie night riiiight now. Good night Los Angeles!